NANO GUARD SEALER: Nano hydrophobic impregnation

Field : Nano Guard Sealer

Brand : MIVIKO


Hydrophobic, Oleophobic & Anti-Stain Sealer for porous materials


NANO-GUARD SEALER is a ecological Nano solution , deep penetrating Superhydrophobic impregnation product  with Lotus effect. This unique penetration characteristic is due to it’s Nano - scale molecules which ensures effective impregnation of concrete and other porous surfaces through deep penetration osmotic  into the pore structure.

NANO-GUARD SEALER is an impregnation product, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, UV resistant, restoration used or aging materials, faded, return to their original color condition without changing the properties of the materials , protection mineral porous building materials against water, humidity, chlorides and salt migration, prevents the growth of moss and mold.

NANO-GUARD SEALER is non film-forming therefore allowing the substrate to “breathe”.


For application to most of the cementious, masonry and mineral substrates above ground, not subject to hydrostatic pressure. Applications include treating the surfaces of:

  • Concrete & Exposed brick structures
  • Facade, Beams, columns and walls of buildings
  • Natural stones, ceramics, roof tiles, plastics, metal


  • Deep penetration osmotic into the pore structure.
  • Effect more than > 10 years
  • Breathable
  • UV-resistant, Safe
  • Non film-forming
  • Lotus and Easy - to - clean effects

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE                                 

  • Ready to use product: Shake the container well before
  • The surface must be dry, clean and free of any trace of oil, grease, cleaning product, dust, efflorescence, paint or any other substance liable to prevent the correct penetration.
  • Can be applied either with a brush, roller or with a low-pressure sprayer.
  • Apply 1 to 2 coats .Temperature between 8°C and 35°C are suitable.
  • Suitable for inside and outside application


      Cement mortar            7~10 m²/kg

      Concrete                      5~25 m²/kg

      Paints                           5~40 m²/kg

      Stone cladding             4~10 m²/kg

      Metals                           5~25 m²/kg

      Brick                             10~15 m²/kg

      Plastics                         5~25 m²/kg

      Floor tiles                      5~10 m²/kg

PACKAGING: Canister 20kg

STORAGE: Store away from frost and heat in a dry, ventilate place with temperature range: 8°C - 30°C.

Provided the container is keep closed whilst not in use. Storage life 12 months.

HEALTH & SAFETY                                         

Wear adequate protection mask & rubber gloves.

Skin protection: No special clothing or skin protection is recommended under normal conditions of use.

Eye  protection: If there is a risk of considerable splashing, wear protective goggles.

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