MELLADO - Superhydrophobic impregnation for Melamine Foam

Field : Impregnation

Brand : MIVIKO


Product Description: Bio-based, water-based composition for hydrophobize Melamine foam.

Advantages :    Free Silicone. NO  VOC.

                           Non Flammable

                           Ecological, non toxic

                           Total resistant to UV radiation.




Viscous liquid



Milky White



No Odor

Solubility description


Soluble in water

pH value


 5,3 – 5,8

Ignition Temperature



Viscosity (DIN 53015)


1,15  mPa.s

Density (DIN 51757)


1,1 g/cm³

Application process: 

Shake well before use.

Dilute concentrate with warm clean/soft water (t°≥25°C) in container while in intensive mixing.    

Dip the Melamine foam in composition within 5-10 minutes and then squeeze out the  excess liquid then put it through an oven in  temperature range 80-120°C in 5-10 minutes.

Ready product keeps in dry place for fully drying

Consumption:  0,7- 1,2 kg/m³ ready composition

Packaging:  Canister              10   kg

                     HDPE Barrel       200  kg

                     IBC Container     1000 kg

Storage: Recommended storage temperature is  10°С - 30°С



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