H7 (HYDROSAVE): Innovative hydrophobic impregnation for building materials

Field : Impregnation

Brand : MIVIKO




HYDROSAVE® is a ecological, safe to use, deep penetrating superhydrophobic impregnation product.This unique penetration characteristic is due to it’s nano--scale molecules which ensures effective impregnation of concrete and masonry surfaces through deep  penetration into the pore structure.

HYDROSAVE® is a colourless and solvent free impregnation product, which is formulated to provide in-depth protection mineral porous building materials against water, humidity, chlorides, corrosion and salt migration.

HYDROSAVE® is non film-forming therefore allowing the substrate to “breathe”. It is also very effective on micro-cracks up to 0.3 mm, and stops alkali-silica or alkali-aggregate reactions in concrete and building materials.

HYDROSAVE® keeps the treated materials have stable low moisture content all seasons and the best heat-insulated properties


HYDROSAVE® is recommended for application to most of the cementitious, masonry  and mineral substrates above ground, not subject to hydrostatic pressure. Applications include treating the surfaces of:

  • AAC blocks, pore beton etc
  • Exposed brick structures
  • Bridge decks, abutments, piers, soffits, etc.
  • Facade, Beams, columns and walls of buildings
  • Natural stones, ceramics, roof tiles


  Highly penetrative - Ensures long-term effectiveness even on surfaces exposed to traffic (e.g: car parks).

  Invisible, Effective water repellency – Durability > 10 years

  Minimises surface efflorescence – Clean appearance of masonry surfaces

  Breathable - Allows excess water vapour to evaporate from the substrate

  Safe, non-flammable formulation.

  Non film-forming: does not affect the mineral appearance of surfaces.

  Protection against chemical or biological agents that are water soluble (particularly chlorides).

  Highly resistant to alkaline substances.

  Complies with EN 1504-2 system 2+


  • Ready to use product: Shake the container well before use.

The surface must be dry, clean and free of any trace of oil, grease, cleaning product, dust, efflorescence, paint or any other substance liable to prevent the correct penetration.

  • Can be applied either with a brush, roller or with a low-pressure sprayer.
  • Apply 1 to 2 coats until saturation, wet-on-wet coat.
  • Do not apply in rainy, frosty or extremely hot weather. Temperature between 5 °C and 35 °C are suitable.
  • During cold season, surface must be ice free so that it does not prevent penetration product into pores
  • Suitable for inside and outside application.


Consumption depends on the porosity of the concrete or other substrate. The values below are given only as an indication:

Approximately 170 ml/m² (150 g/m²) per coat.

In windy conditions or with very porous substrates reduce the application rate and apply in two coats of approximately 90 ml/m². per coat allowing only wet-on-wet  coats.

Consumption may increase while treating tall structures, caused by loss due to wind

CLEANING EQUIPMENT: Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with clean water.

STORAGE: Store away from frost and heat in a dry, ventilate  place with temperature range : 5 °C -  30 °C.

Provided the container is keep closed whilst not in use. Storage life 12 months.

PACKAGING: Canister 3-20 kg    HDPE  drum 220 kg    IBC container  1000 kg


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