HYDROSAVE - S: Water-repellent impregnation for natural stones

Lĩnh vực : Nano superhydrophobic coating

Nhà sản xuất : Miviko Isotech


HYDROSAVE- S: Hydrophobic osmotic solution used to protect the surface of stone materials against the harmful effects of water, moisture, corrosion and salt exchange. Suitable for the protection of stones such as marble, paving stone, slate, decorative stone, grinding wheel… both inside and outside.


Water-based, environment-friendly
 Colorless, resistant to UV rays
 Penetrates deep into the material
 Maintain the beauty, natural color and luster of stone
 Do not create a film on the surface and keeps material "breathe"

Ingredients: Creative water-based solution containing silane / siloxane

Instructions for use: Shake the solution well before opening the lid, the surface of the material before handling must be dry, clean from dirt, dust or grease. The solution should be tested on a small area. Use a brush, roller or soft cloth to apply the surface or all around the ice until saturated. The remaining solution on the stone surface should be thoroughly dried with a clean cloth to avoid layering white film on the surface. Materials after treating need to avoid direct contact with water for at least 2-5 hours.

Drying time: 1-5 hours. Norm: 9 - 17 m² / liter

Packaging:  3-20 kg plastic container

Safety measures: Wear protective equipment when working: gloves, masks, glasses. Avoid direct contact with plants, surrounding metal.

Storage: 12 months in a cool, cool place between + 5 ° C and 35 ° C.



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