FLAMESOFT: Fire-Retardant Coating for SPONGE Foam

Lĩnh vực : Fire-Retardant Coating for Rubber & Sponge Foam

Nhà sản xuất : MIVIKO




FLAMESOFT: Water-based Nano Impregnation solution, with 100% natural ingredients used to prevent spread of fire for foam mattresses for chairs, salons, sofas ... or foams used in soundproofing, heat insulation.

The solution does not change the color or the physical and chemical properties of the product.


 Clean, safe & environmentally friendly
 Materials after the treatment will not catch fire, less smoke

 Foam after handling has the ability to exceed many times the existing fire protection standards according to: CAL TB 117-2013, California 65 (USA), BS 5852 (UK)
 Effective use not less than 15 years
 Antibacterial & insects resistant
 Low dosage
 Quick drying

CHARACTERISTICS: Liquid, transparent & odorless

APPLICATION: for sofa, salon foam or foam insulation, sound absorption Karaoke rooms, halls, cinemas, recording studios, etc.

APPLYING: Materials before handling must be dry and cleaned from dirt, dust, grease ...

Apply by spraying surface or soaking in solution 30-60 minutes and then drying. Note: after dipping, it is necessary to squeeze / squeeze dry so that the solution does not leave much in the material

DOSAGE: 550-900 grams / m3

DRYING TIME: 3-5 hours at +25°C, completely dry within 24 hours

PACKAGING: Canister 5-20 kg           HDPE drums: 200 kg

SHELF LIFE & STORAGE: 12 months in a tightly closed container, at a temperature of +8 to +30°C in a cool place, away from direct sunlight

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