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Antistatic floors  are the floors that protect people and electronic devices from the impact of electronic energy. By grouding way, this floor eliminates electric charge and does not build on the surface, ensuring safety for people and products in production field.

Moreover, this floor is necessary in the places where computers (microelectronics) work or have dust explosion, the storage of explosives, printing houses, film studios and television stations, in chemical and pharmaceutical plants products, in medical centers, production and repair facilities of aviation factories, the universe.

The construction of antistatic floors requires compliance with stringent requirements. For this reason, this process can only be carried out by highly experienced units with good quality materials. 

Our antistatic floor products are completely free of solvent, adapting EU requirements for green and clean standards.

The construction of antistatic floors in Vietnam will be directed and directly monitored by experts from Germany.

Warranty: 5 years


The typical projects were constructed

The factory for aircraft maintainance and reparing, NATO base in Poland. The requirement must meet the index <10¹² Ω



The operation room for Power plant


Test for quality following DIN IEC 1340-4-1


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